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Wellcome to ROR RUBBER

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Wellcome to ROR Rubber.

ROR Rubber is controlled by a team of excellent technicians, dedicated many years of experience with the application of technology flat molding press, central press, conversion press, vomiting extrusion press, vulcanized temperature, providing high quality products,efficient economy and meet parameters and rigorous requirements of domestic and foreign customers.

With rich experience of many years in the areas of technical rubber, along with a team of engineers senior staffs in the industry, we have researched, manufactured and developed products appklied with rubber in the last years. To meet the most rigorous requirements of customers. Our products have been honored to provide for the construction projects, large civil and industrial factories such as automobiles, motorcycles, food and a number of oil and gas projects.

ROR Rubber meets thoroughly the requirements of customers in the production of technical rubber products from selection consultancy raw rubber material to meet the technical criteria and ensure to save costs, todesign, mold fabrication and application of the most advanced technology in mass production processes. The rubber products of us are now being produced from the category of rich rubber materials such as: NR, SBR, EPDM, NBR, ACM, AEM, CR, HNBR, PU, SI, FKM… For the diversity of models and the advantages of superiority quality products, we always bring more and more benefits to customers those who use rubber products of ROR Rubber.




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– Field of activities primarily of our company are : production and processing of orders, the rubber components. The types of matrials such as NR, SBR, EPDM, NBR, ACM, AEM, CR, HNBR, SI, FKM ( Viton) …

– Types of technical rubber.

– Details of rubber parts in machineries and equipment.

– Types of rubber parts of motorcycles and automobiles.

– Types of anti – vibration rubber cars, generators.

– Types of rubber products adherented metals.

– Types of rubber wheels metal, wheels enhance high load bearing, rolling wheels

– Types of rubber cylinders – metal ( with grooves grinding and slippery grinding ) load  bearing, used as equipment in print, wooden handle, rolling papers … with kinds of natural rubber, oil resistant…

– Types of elastic rubber joints, reinforced rubber bearings for the steelof steel (intransportation ) have quality testing for each project.

–  Screw pump rubber core, types of glass joint, joint shockproof.

– Types of lifting machine, hydraulic machine, heat – resitant joint and other types of joints.

– Types of rubber parts in drainage, Water supply, PVC couplings…

– Types of oil – resistant and high temperature rubber products ( 45  – 350 C degrees ), high compressive, electrical insulation, anti – flame, weather resistant, ozone resistant, high resistant abrasion, load bearing, high elastic…

– Types of rubber floor coverings, deck fireproof, resistant acid…

– Types of rubber contact with food, rubber used in the health sector…

– Types of colored rubber…

Other types of high technical rubber…